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  • Birthday: 10th April
  • Phone: +234 7082414298
  • City: Obada, Ewekoro, Ogun, NG
  • Degree: PGD
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  • Status: Married

Pastor Dayo Akinboyewa is the lead Pastor of Throne covenant redemption centre.he is dedicated to building men to God’s Kingdom . His life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and women how to live up to their full potential in Christ. Pastor Dayo has more than a decade of teaching and counseling, which enable him to reach others with humor, warmth, transparency and strength. He is a father,author, teacher, conference speaker, role model and mentor. Pastor Dayo leads the school of dimensions which sponsors a weekly leadership/entrepreneurship training for all, to pour into the lives of all human from all walks of life. He has started a series of books,titled, “Why can’t say “SORRY” – Borrowing’ a tool for increase. ”. He and Pastor Omolara Akinboyewa has been happily married over over a decade.They are the proud parents of four children.


Apart from the Throne Convenant Redemption Church, Pastor Akinboyewa D. is also the founder of the following organizations

Life Agape Christian School

A combination of Basic School & College

School Of Dimension (SOD)

A school Created for entrepreneurs and owners of organizations

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Obada, Ewekoro, Og, NG


+234 7082414298